Turbocharger air filters with a ten year warranty

The NWCA Series 2 electromechanical turbocharger filters are custom fabricated to fit the silencer dimensions of leading marine turbocharger manufacturers, such as ABB, MAN, and Mitsubishi.

Each filter element is fabricated with reinforced edge bindings, and is complete with an adjustable Velcro attachment for ease of installation and a secure fit. The flexibility of our upholstery division allows for virtually any size required by the vessel.

Our permanent / washable turbocharger filters offer low-resistance, and provide complete silencer air intake coverage, eliminating blowby. The filters are designed to protect the charge air cooler, and reduce compressor contamination. Cleaning maintenance is achieved by washing with a degreaser. NWCA turbocharger filters eliminate on-board synthetic roll media inventories, cutting time and disposal costs of the waste filter material.

"The better the turbocharger performance, the lower the fuel consumption"

The NWCA next-generation AHU filter incorporates the principles of both electrostatic and mechanical filtration.

NWCA next-generation filter frames are fabricated using AISI 316L stainless steel.

Air handling unit air filters with a twelve year warranty

The NWCA next-generation electromechanical AHU filters eliminate the need for and the ongoing expense of disposable air filter material, providing significant cost savings and eliminating landfill waste requirements.

Designed specifically for use in high-velocity ship air handling units, the NWCA permanent / washable marine air filter is fabricated using AISI 316L stainless steel, with the 23mm frame welded and polished, complete with two drainage holes per leg. The filter media incorporates the principles of both electrostatic and mechanical filtration.

Direct results include:

  • Remove costly shipboard filter inventories (disposable filter media)
  • Minimise storage space for spare sets
  • Eliminate the costs of replacement cooling coils at dry dock intervals due to fin blockage caused by wet or torn air filter media debris (disposable bag filters)
  • Eliminate the negative environmental impact of disposable filters to landfill sites
  • Easily cleaned by washing with high or low pressure water

NWCA PAX cabin filter.

Passenger cabin filters and public area fan coil unit filters with a twelve year warranty

Typically PAX and FCU air filters appear in mostly non-standard sizes, depending on the original equipment manufacturer specification. Our custom capabilities allow us to fabricate to any size requirement.


An onsite survey of the existing air handling unit filtration methods while on board ship during a turn around day is followed by a Cost-Benefit Analysis presentation incorporating the NWCA solution.

If required, qualified personnel are available to modify wide track filter housing rails to accept the NWCA 23mm frame width. This work can be performed at a wet dock, dry dock or on a revenue run.